DIY: Chalkboard

If you thought chalkboards were just for the classroom then think again! This chalkboard window frame project is super easy and can be painted any colour to suit your needs. It’s also a great way to keep track of your schedule, a place to write your to do list, somewhere you can write inspirational quotes and on and on!

What you’ll need:
An old window frame
Sand paper
Dusk mask
Protective eye wear
Paint colour of choice
Paint brush
Plywood pieces cut to the size of each pane (this can be done at most large hardware stores)
Chalkboard paint
Adhesive that comes in a caulking tube – available at your local hardware store
Picture hangers or hooks

1. Wearing protective eye wear carefully remove glass panels. Next, wearing your dust mask, sand the entire frame until smooth. With a damp cloth clean your frame to remove any dust left over from sanding. Allow to dry fully.
2. Dip your brush into the paint and allow the excess to fall back into the paint can (you want your brush to be on the dry side) and start painting in the direction of the wood grain. To create the shabby chic look above, paint heavier in some areas and go lighter (with a very dry brush) in other areas. Set aside to dry.
3. To continue with the shabby chic look, sand some of the edges to get an worn effect.
4. Coat each of your plywood pieces with the chalkboard paint and allow to dry. Once dry, turn your frame over and place each of your plywood pieces face down in the correct positions. Next, apply the adhesive around the edge of the frame and plywood and fill in if there are gaps. Follow the directions on your adhesive for drying time.
5. Attach your picture hangers or hooks, so you are able to hang on the wall.

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