Weekly Round-Up: Baking Edition

{via Cupcakes & Cashmere}

It’s no secret I love to bake and lately I’ve missed being in the kitchen. My schedule has been insanely hectic which doesn’t leave much time for cooking let alone baking. There’s something so relaxing about baking and the smell that takes over the apartment is the best part.

I am looking forward to trying out some of these yummy looking recipes:

Apple beignets via Sweet Paul.

Peach cornmeal muffins via Pinecone Camp.

Homemade bagels via Cupcakes & Cashmere.

Breakfast bars via Dance to the Radio.

Fig, olive oil & sea salt challah via Smitten Kitchen.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I was up north yesterday working on a wedding shoot with Selina Whittaker. The shoot turned out amazing and I cannot wait to share pictures with you soon. Driving in vintage cars and being in the country in an open field surrounded by horses doing what I love was pretty surreal.

Also don’t forget that I’m teaching  a free class tomorrow afternoon at The Queen West Art Crawl in the Etsy booth. Hope to see you there!


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