Cool Shit: Valentine’s Day

Even though Valentine’s Day is completely cliche the romantic in me kinda loves it. I’m not one for expensive gifts; the ones that are thoughtful and quirky are what make me melt. And a little humour never hurt either! Whether you have a special someone or a kick ass bestie, any of these gifts would be perfect.

Cards from local designer Smitten Kitten are my kind of cards. I mean anyone that features MJ or a little Whitney is A-OK in my books!

Smitten Kitchen

I love anything custom where you can tailor it specifically to the person you are giving it to – makes it extra special and that much more meaningful. My mom made me a photo book for Christmas of my entire life and it was truly the best gift I ever received.


 {top to bottom: 1|2|3}

And anything edible is always a great idea. These cookies from The Drake General Store are the cutest. A collaboration between Shared x Lindsey Bakes.


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