Recent Project: Etsy Craft Party

Last month the girls from The Shop and I hosted 1 of the 11 official Canadian craft parties for Etsy. It was so exciting to be part of this worldwide event! We taught the guests to embroider old photos and turn them into postcards to coincide with Etsy’s event theme: recapturing memories.

The Shop (check out their on going workshops – I can’t wait to do one!) was the perfect space to host the event and a big thanks to Neal Brothers for donating the yummy chips and popcorn. A night of crafting along with fun decor, a photo booth, my signature popcorn bar, a little styling, kick ass guests and a great location – what could make for a better party?

A huge thank you to Selina Whittaker for capturing this amazing night behind her lens and to everyone who came out!

etsy-workshop-03Etsy-Workshop-91Etsy-Workshop-7 Etsy-Workshop-10Etsy-Workshop-117Etsy-Workshop-26Etsy-Workshop-27
etsy-workshop-01Etsy-Workshop-29 Etsy-Workshop-37 Etsy-Workshop-47 Etsy-Workshop-49 Etsy-Workshop-54 Etsy-Workshop-60etsy-workshop-02Etsy-Workshop-61 Etsy-Workshop-71 Etsy-Workshop-86Etsy-Workshop-99 Etsy-Workshop-109 Etsy-Workshop-112Etsy-Workshop-125 Etsy-Workshop-129{all photos by Selina Whittaker}


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Recent Project: Andy Warhol Window

A couple of weeks ago I installed this Andy Warhol themed window for Josephson Opticians’ Brookfield Place location. It was my first non-fashion boutique window display and it definitely was a challenge, but I loved thinking outside of the box. Custom cut plexiglass, Andy Warhol soup cans and art prints, pulled together this colourful display.

brookfield-1 brookfield-2 brookfield-3 brookfield-4 brookfield-5Ecent

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Recent Project: Track Fitness

A couple of months ago Joanna Track and Track Fitness reached out to me about merchandising the shop component of their studio along with some ideas for the window.

With some mannequins, a few new fixtures, prop accessories and some rearranging, the shop is now in full swing! As for the window, I designed a decal that went front and centre, added in height with the window boxes and had cardboard tubing cut to varied sizes that I accented with coloured paper to continue with the circular theme.

I couldn’t help but daydream about a new workout wardrobe while merchandising all their cool collections. Not only do they have their own Track Fitness collection but they carry Lululemon along with other brands that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Um seriously let’s talk about all those printed pants!

track fitness track-10track-9

track fitnesstrack-4track-2track-5 track-6 track-7 track-8

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Inspiration 7.14.14

she believed she could

{via Society 6}

I apologize for the lack of blog posts this month. For the first time in the five and a half years of writing my blog, I fell off the map.  It’s been a hell of a last few weeks with some amazing projects completed and others still in the works.

I’ve always struggled with achieving a certain level of perfection in every area of my life – the best friend, a great daughter/grand daughter, the best fur baby mama, the hardest worker and striving to be at the top of everything I do. It’s damn right exhausting and pretty much impossible hence why I haven’t been able to blog as consistently these last few weeks.

I’ve thought a lot about my blog and blogging in general. It’s changed immensely over the last year and I think there are several different reasons for it. Despite all the changes, I’d like to go back to my roots and bring back some of the stuff I used to write about. I cannot promise daily posts but I do promise quality posts and original content. This girl is back and ready to go!

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Recent Project: Flamingo Window


If you follow along on the Re:Creative Facebook Page you know that my flamingo obsession really isn’t a secret. I’m been itching to incorporate these pink glittered bad boys in a window so I added them into the new window I installed last week for Mini Mioche. A hand embroidered back drop and flamingos make for the perfect summer window combo!


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Inspiration 7.8.14

cottage weekend


An extra long weekend up north with five amazing girls was absolute perfection. Suntanning, swimming, volleyball, paddle boating, bonfires, yummy food, spa, boozing, bike rides and girl time was just what the doctor ordered.

This was my first weekend away in over a year and it made me realize that I have to make more time for more vacations. It’s true that this usually means a crazy workload pre and post vacay but it is very much worth it. They feed the soul and create beautiful memories that I will cherish for a lifetime!

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Inspiration 6.30.14


I had the most amazing birthday weekend full of dancing leading to very sore feet, too many drinks without a hangover, amazing friends that I adore and yummy food which means intense gym sessions this week.

I’m heading up north for a 4 day weekend with the girls on Friday so I’m spending the week ahead to crack down on a  few big projects I have on the go. This means I’ll be back to regular blogging next week. Have a good one and Happy Canada Day!

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birthday quote

Today I turn 31 which means I survived my first year of my 30s. In the past year I’ve come to realize that:

I love a good dance party but a yummy dinner out with friends is even better.

A three day music festival is fun but three days on the beach is even better.

A whole new wardrobe is exciting but a couple quality items are even better.

A drunken night out with friends is a good time but a wine drinking night in can be even better.

I’ve learned….

Quality over quantity in every area: friends, clients, food, shopping.

Staying in on a Saturday is completely ok and sometimes preferred.

Short shorts no longer look as cute.

Going with my gut. Always.

Working hard and believing in myself definitely pays off.

Red lipstick is an absolute necessity.

Looking forward to more in my 30s (even though I totally miss saying I’m a 20 something year old)!

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Cool Shit: Artists I’m Digging

My walls are pretty full in my new apartment but I’m always on the hunt for cool artists. Here are a few on my radar:


{Oriol Angrill}


Carla Fletcher{Carla Fletcher}

naoto kitamura{Naoto Kitamura}


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DIY: Summer Projects

I tend to have a “why buy it when I can make it” attitude along with a “I hate having the same thing as everyone else” mentality which is why I’m such a big fan of DIY projects. Here’s a little round up of some of my favourite DIY’s I’ve done that are perfect for summer!

summer diy projects{floral crown | mini lantern | concrete planters | fringe bag}

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