Recent Project: Shopgirls’ Spring Flip

I spent a large portion of March working on doing a big spring flip for Shopgirls Boutique. A wood vintage bike, a ton of flowers and a touch of moss filled the window. A few of those elements made their way into the store to continue the spring vibe throughout.

I created an oversized pegboard to highlight new merchandise that can be changed weekly, made a few key vignettes, designed new fixtures, did a little work with chalk and added in some spring details. Below is a little peek but if you get a chance to pop by I highly recommend it. There are some really amazing spring pieces you need to get your hands on!

shopgirls sg-spring-19sg-spring-2 sg-spring-3 sg-spring-4sg-spring-8 sg-spring-7
sg-spring-9 sg-spring-10sg-spring-5
sg-spring-11 sg-spring-12sg-spring-15
sg-spring-13 sg-spring-14sg-spring-17 sg-spring sys-party-6sg-spring-16

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Cool Shit: American Beagle Outfitters

What started out as an April Fool’s Day joke is now becoming a reality. American Eagle Outfitters posted these images of our furry friends to help raise money for rescue dogs but with an overwhelming response, they decided to launch the dog clothing collection, American Beagle Outfitters, this fall. You bet your ass I will be first in line getting Harper some new duds! And if they are looking for a cute doggie model, I think I know a certain fur baby…

Ace Lottie-Moon Pinkie Ruby

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Inspiration 4.7.14

french bulldog


It’s hard to believe the April is here already. 2014, slow the F*** down (please)!! Normally I wrap up a month with a collage of my life on Instagram for the month but it was a busy March full of work projects that I’ll be sharing on here in the next few weeks anyways, so I’ll leave you with my dapper little man. Seriously, is this not the cutest picture ever of Harper?

Hope you had a great weekend! xo

{Outfit from Rover}


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Weekly Round-Up

diy cement plant stand{via Camilles Styles}

Great tips on how to do a gel mani at home via A Beautiful Mess.

Drooling over this open face brie & prosciutto sandwich via Design Love Fest.

Super rad DIY copper + cement plant stands by Camilles Styles.

My kind of apartment via 79 Ideas.

Have a fab weekend! xo

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Recipe: Nanaimo Bars

nanaimo bars

This past weekend my girl Jorja celebrated her birthday and of course I had to whip up her fave dessert. I’ve never made nanaimo bars before so I search high and low for THE best recipe around and found this one. I followed it to a tee and it definitely did not disappoint!

These no bake treats were easy to make and although not in the least bit low cal, they were worth every bite!

nanaimo6 nanaimo5



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DIY: Dream Catcher

I’ve been a tad bit obsessed with dream catchers these last few months. I even designed an entire window display around them last fall (see here). There’s something magical about them and I love how you can make them really unique and personal.  I made this one to reflect my personality and it’s currently hanging over my bed – I love the way it turned out! Head over to HGTV to learn how I made it.

diy dream catcher


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Spotlight: Fashion Truck Canada

When Emily of Vocado gave word of the launch of her latest venture, Fashion Truck Canada, I knew I had to pop by. I did a little shopping damage last weekend on this mobile boutique which was filled with so many boho-inspired looks most of which were well under the $100 mark. And the selection of $10 knuckle rings was just too much for me to handle (I left with 3).

Emily and her partner Ashley renovated this beast of a truck and installed hardwood flooring, skylights and super cute fixtures that reminded me of the look inside Emily’s Vocado Boutique.

For the mobile boutique whereabouts be sure to follow along with their social media!

fashion truck canada image-6 image-2 image-3



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Inspiration 3.31.14

just bloom{via}

I read an interesting article this past weekend about the effects social media has on our happiness and the way we compare our lives to others. It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time now and has been the topic of conversation more than once amongst my girlfriends and I.

We generally use social media to capture and share the happy parts of our lives. When we see only one aspect of someone’s life, it’s easy to become envious of all their celebrations and joyous moments. You start believing their lives are so much better than yours and I know many have fallen victim to this.

I’m here to tell you that although I am in a very happy place, love what I do and have an amazing and supportive family & group of girlfriends, there are many moments that are not perfect. That DIY project that failed (even with 3 attempts). The giant zit I woke up to on my chin. The pile of jeans I can’t zip up. The dessert recipe that didn’t turn out. The extended family members I no longer talk to. That deadline I barely made. The striving for a perfection that doesn’t exist. PMS, enough said. The broken hearts I’ve endured. That hangover – you know the one. The many moments of anxiety. Over-thinking. Self-doubt. The inability to bite my tongue when neccessary. And so many more.

I am not perfect. Far from it. Even though my life on social media portrays a level of perfection, I am here to tell you that what is captured is only a small portion of my life. Don’t compare the life you live with the others you see through social media. You really don’t know what is on the other side of that camera lens or computer screen.

Enjoy what you have, do the things you love, cherish those closest to you and don’t worry so much about what everyone else is doing. You can’t bloom if you’re fixated on someone else’s happiness and successes.



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Weekly Round-Up

diy succulent wreath{via A Fabulous Fete}

Rad DIY copper clothing rack via SF Girl by Bay.

So needed this self tanner review from A Beautiful Mess.

Super cool DIY rope + succulent wreath from A Fabulous Fete.

Delish looking curried cauliflower and chickpea dish from Camille Style.

Lusting after these gorge kitchens via Design Love Fest.

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Wedding: Crafty Boho Love

I’m big time lusting after this craft bohemian inspired wedding shoot. Everything from the colour story, the yarn details, the vintage pieces and the stunning flowers are absolute perfection. Head over to Green Wedding Shoes for more details and images.

vintagewarehouse-styled-20 vintagewarehouse-styled-19


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